Frequently Asked Questions

1. We provide the gaming computers, PC. 

2. The Pro Gamers are guests that are part of the games all three days, so you play against our guest Pro Gamers

3. The length of a tournament qualifying game is about an 1/2 hour or more, depending on the gamers in the game perform

4. The highest score or more kills of each tournament game are the winners of each round in that specific hour
    (best two people standing move on as Tournament Finale Contender)

5. If you are a contender, you come back on Sunday for the finale tournament, free (no fees you already got your seat)

6. The finale time is around 4 pm, Sunday, November 10th, 2019, must be early to be on time

7. Only the Tournament finale contenders play in the championship game for a chance at $10,000 in prizes

8. We also have a game play section that is non-tournament, and you can buy different options to play.

Take advantage now that the tournament entries are half price, 

One tournament entry game $12.50 plus tax 
Tournament bundle pack  $50 for 5 games
All day tournament games $100 plus tax

Depending on your skill, you can give yourself many changes to qualify and make it into the Finale!